Photographer Meetup above Courchevel

Refuge des Lacs Merlet, Courchevel, Vanoise
Picture of Paul above the Refuge

Snowy Spring Adventure

Early june, I was invited by Paul Besson to join a hiking weekend to the hut Refuge des Lacs Merlet with a group of passionate outdoor photographers.

Long valley and steep hills

We started our hike at the Lac de la Rosiere Lake, just above the ski resort of Courchevel. After having a lunch at the Pique-Nique area, we decided to ignore the sound of thunder in the distance and start the hike. After crossing a long mountain valley, we ran into deep snowfields on the path – no problem as we decided to take a shortcut over the steep snow-facing slopes.

Refuge des Lacs Merlet, Courchevel, Vanoise

Refuge des Lacs Merlet, Courchevel, Vanoise

The Hut “Refuge des Lacs Merlet”

The refuge des Lacs Merlet would serve as our basecamp for the week-end. A lovely small hut with a fire stove and just enough place to sleep for the bunch of us.

Mountain bonding

This weekend getaway was not just an opportunity to capture breathtaking photographs, but also a chance to connect with fellow photographers who share my passion. Through exchanging tips and techniques, we expanded our creative horizons. Our shared enthusiasm for the mountains made us create memories that we are surely not forgeting any time soon.

Refuge des Lacs Merlet, Courchevel, Vanoise

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