Le Guide Rando Refuges

One of my pictures got featured on the cover of a book!

Video production for the book publishing

A few months ago, I got contacted by Altituderando.com to take some pictures for their upcoming hiking guide about the most beautiful huts in France. After a while I got a surprise. One of my pictures was even chosen to feature on the cover of the book.

As a photographer nowadays, I am usually working in a digital environnement. So it was a great experience to see one of my pictures printed on a book cover. And even more exciting to see it being sold on library shelfs.

Altituderando Guide de randos Week-ends: Refuges et lieux d'exception

Altituderando Guide de randos Week-ends: Refuges et lieux d'exception

At this time, I was also in my second year of University, which meant that I had to do a 2 months internship in communication. The perfect opportunity to join the team of Altituderando and get an insight on how they are promoting the book. Not only was it a fascinating look behind the scenes, but I had the chance to learn a lot of new skills during these 2 months.

You can get the book now in most libraries of the Savoie Region, or order it directly on the website of Altituderando.

Altituderando Guide de Randos Week-ends Refuges et lieux d'exception
Another video production made during my internship

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