Product Photography

This year I got the amazing opportunity to do a 2-month internship with Altituderando. Not only did we work on various visuel elements for their new book and application, but I also got the chance to do product photography of some of the outdoor materiels they were testing.

I even got to test the equipement myself. Thank you for this opportunity!


During my internship with Altituderando, I thoroughly tested the new Columbia Facet 75 Outdry shoes. Its impressive durability and exceptional comfort made it a reliable companion for challenging terrains and long treks, ensuring stability and reliable traction. We did 2 photography sessions on the shoes, on all kind of terrain.(rocky, snowy etc)

Photographie des Marques Outdoor

Photographie des Marques Outdoor


During my internship, I had the opportunity to experience the reliability of a remarkable waterproof jacket. We took it out in the worst weather conditions to take some pictures in the rain.

And more

At Altituderando, I had the privilege of photographing a stylish Fjallraven backpack. Its sleek design, practical compartments, and durable materials combined functionality with aesthetic appeal, resulting in captivating visuals.

Photographie des Marques Outdoor

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